You Need to Visit This Morocco Sanctuary For Working Animals

If you are an animal lover visiting Marrakech, be sure to take some time to visit this wonderful Morocco sanctuary for working animals. These enchanting equines will find their way right into your heart!

You Need to Visit This Morocco Sanctuary For Working Animals

In the modern industrialized world, humans depend on machines for transportation. Whether transporting goods, supplies, or yourself, machines are the way we go. We drive cars, depend on 18 wheelers and lories to bring goods into the city, and take longer trips by plane or train. But in many parts of the world, people still rely on animals for the majority of their transportation needs. And this is true for many of the rural people of Morocco.

Many of the rural villages are up in the mountains and off the beaten path. It is still quite common to see people relying on mules, donkeys, and horses for transportation or to carry supplies from place to place. Horses carry food, building supplies, items to sell in the souks, and many other things. And with the increased tourism to the more rural areas of Morocco, working animals are in more demand than ever.

Unfortunately, these faithful and important animals are not always treated well. Some are abused or neglected. And some are turned out due to old age or injury. Thankfully, there are people doing what they can to help these noble animals. From a wonderful Morocco sanctuary for working animals to a “beauty competition” for donkeys and mules, check out some of the ways people are helping the working animals of Morocco!

JarJeer Mule and Donkey Refuge

Located in the foothills of the High Atlas mountains south of Marrakech, the Jarjeer Mule and Donkey Refuge is a sanctuary for equines in need of care. Run by a British couple – Charles and Susan – the team at Jarjeer care for animals that are old, disabled, or that have been abandoned or abused. They are dedicated not only to the equines – but to respecting and preserving the local way of life.

The people at Jarjeer love to welcome visitors. During your tour, you’ll hear the story about each animal and how it found its way home to the sanctuary. Some of these hard-working creatures are in bad shape when they are found. But the kind-hearted people of Jarjeer love them back to health.

When you spend time with these amazing animals, they find their way into your heart. This Morocco sanctuary for working animals can be a little hard to find. But there are lots of people ready to help you find your way. You can take a taxi or, less expensively, the bus. Or get in touch with us and we will be happy to make sure you get there and back to Marrakech safely and easily.

Mule and Donkey Competitions

The Mule and Donkey Competitions are a fun way to encourage healthy relationships between working equines and their owners. At one such competition in Beni Ammar Zerhoun, a village located Fez and Meknes, the July 2019 winner was the beautiful Cleopatra. And in Imlil, Morocco, there is a yearly competition for Best Kept Mule. You can view a video of the 2015 winner here.

These competitions offer added incentive to people to take even better care of their animals and to develop a closer relationship with them. Winners of the competition receive great prizes of food and supplies for their hard-working animal companions.

The people of Morocco rely on the many services the working equines provide. Likewise, those wonderful donkeys, mules, and horses rely on people to provide for their needs. When people come together to find ways to bring light into the lives of these special animals, everyone wins.

We here at Roaming Camels are very thankful for the wonderful hard-working camels in our lives. If you’d like to ride our camels, visit a Morocco sanctuary for working animals, take a desert tour, or find out how we can help you fulfill your Moroccan vacation dreams, we’d love to hear from you!

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