Packing List for Winter Travel in Morocco

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Packing the right things for winter travel in Morocco can make all the difference in how much you enjoy your vacation. Read on for some great tips when making your packing list!

Packing List For Winter Travel in Morocco

When planning your dream vacation to Morocco, there are many decisions to make. You need to figure out what time of year you are going, how long your trip will be, what kind of budget you have to work with, and all the transportation details. And that’s only the beginning. Once you get to Morocco, you need to have a plan for where you are going to stay and what kinds of activities you would like to participate in. What sort of vacation do you want when you dream of Winter travel in Morocco?

And what on earth should you pack?

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Advantages of a Winter Vacation in Morocco

There are some great reasons why Winter is the perfect time to visit Morocco. One of the best is that this is the time of year considered to be “off-season”. This means that you will have far fewer crowds to deal with in most places, and many things are less expensive. You’ll save money on transportation, hotels, and many other things, by traveling in the Winter.

Winter is also a more enjoyable time for certain activities – like wandering the Marrakech market for hours. It’s also a great time for a camel ride out into the Sahara desert. Those areas of the country can feel rather oppressively hot in the Summer. But daytime temperatures in Winter are often quite nice.

But it is important to remember that even though Morocco Winters are pretty mild compared to many other parts of the globe – it IS still winter. So be sure to keep that in mind when packing for Winter travel in Morocco.

(And if you decide that Summer is a better time for your dream vacation – click here!)

Pack According to Your Winter Travel Plans

When building your packing list for Morocco, think about the places you plan to go and the things you dream of doing.

If you plan to spend your days by the pool at your resort hotel on the Mediterranean coast, you may not need much more than your favorite swimwear. But if you plan to spend any time exploring Morocco, you want to make sure you pack accordingly. While it may be balmy on the coast, you will likely run into snow and/or rain in the mountains. And while the sun can still feel very warm in the Sahara during the daytime, winter nights in the desert get cold.

When planning your activities, think about the clothing and other belongings you may want with you at those times. Then write them down on your packing list.

Be Prepared for Surprises

No matter what your plans are for Winter travel in Morocco – things change. You may plan to spend your whole time on the Meditteranean coast, but then get a sudden hankering to see the beautiful city of Chefchaouen. And even though the “Blue Pearl” is only an hour or so from the coastline, it is also nestled in the Rif Atlas mountains. Daytime temperatures may get up to 60 F. But they can also be a lot colder, and rain or snow can start falling at any moment. If you pack some warm sweaters or a comfortable jacket, you’ll thank yourself.

A Packing List for Winter Travel In Morocco

The following is a list of items you may wish to consider for your Winter vacation to Morocco. Depending on your personal vacation plans, some of these items may be more useful than others:


  • Thermal underwear – for cold nights or activities in the mountains
  • Gloves
  • Warm hats – beanie or slouch types
  • Ski mask – protects your face from cold wind and snow
  • Sweaters – light and heavy
  • Lightweight jackets – or heavier if spending time in the mountains
  • Hoodie
  • T-shirts – loose-fitting – for men or women
  • Jeans – for men or women. If figure-hugging on women, consider pairing with a shirt long enough to cover your bottom.
  • Trousers – for men or women
  • Long skirts – warm enough for Winter travel in Morocco
  • Swimsuit
  • Scarves – women are not required to wear these, although some do. But even if you don’t plan to cover your hair every day, it is a good idea to pack a few. There are times you may wish to cover out of respect. And they are a practical way to keep sand out of your face when spending time in the desert.
  • Lots of socks – more than you think you’ll need. Seriously.

Warm Comfort Items

  • Blankets – depending on where you stay, rooms aren’t always heated.
  • Hand Warmers – the kind often used for camping
  • Warm boots – if spending time in the mountains
  • Warm Pajamas – in case of cold rooms
  • Robe

Practical Accessories

  • Sunglasses
  • Backpack – for personal items when exploring the country

Personal Products

  • Imodium or similar anti-diarrhea medicine – just in case
  • Electrolyte tablets – helps keep your minerals up if you get dehydrated for any reason.
  • Sunscreen – even in the Winter
  • Insect repellent
  • Appropriate shoes – Athletic shoes for walking. Boots if hiking in the snow. Slippers to keep feet warm in cold rooms.
  • Travel toilet paper or bathroom wipes – just in case
  • Hand Sanitizer – to keep clean before and after eating, etc.
  • Important personal products – feminine hygiene, contact lens solution, toiletries, etc.
  • Eye mask – protection from light and/or sand when sleeping
  • Adaptor – for electronics

When planning for Winter travel in Morocco, your packing list is one of the most important things to plan. Another important decision is whether to take a guided desert tour of Morocco. We have some wonderful ones to choose from, so be sure to get in touch when making your vacation plans!

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