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There are many different styles of accommodations in Morocco and where you lay your head at night is an important decision to consider when you go away on holiday. So when you are booking your next vacation to Morocco, there are a number of things we would for you to know about.

City vs Countryside

Morocco is a fascinating and magical ancient country that in recent years has begun to come up on everyone’s travel bucket list….and with reason this country is so diverse and full of sights you must see! When you are in the cities you will have many choices of hotels, hostels and riads. In the cities, you will have a choice between staying in the new part of town or staying in the ancient Medina. There are pros and cons to each choice and we are happy to guide you in your decision making. If you want to stay in a hotel, you will need to stick to the new part of town. You can have all the traditional hotel amenities and benefits that you’re used to back home with a Moroccan flair of hospitality and interior design. If you want to stay in the old Medina, than a Riad is the place to be.

In the rural areas, the choice lessens and you also will encounter, gloriously, different styles of overnight stay. When you book your Morocco trip with Roaming Camels Morocco, we do our best to provide you an authentic experience. Staying in a self contained all inclusive resort is a nice vacation for some, but you don’t come to Morocco for cartoon characters and water slides. In the countryside and mountains you will encounter a few different styles of accommodations like the following:

Gites: A Gite d’Etape translates to ‘staging post’. and is a  It is a classic Berber accommodation pretty similar to a youth hostel. They have comfortable single beds with beds made, 4 to a room. There are toilets and showers in the corridor. and sometimes there is a traditional hammam on the grounds. This accommodation is the most authentic way to experience life the way Berbers in the desert do.

Guesthouses: These have a hostel environment as well and are normally run by the family. Guesthouses have shared spaces with the owners and usually are in remote locations like hiking villages.

Kasbah:A Kasbah is a fortress or medina that was used as a secure location to withdraw to when the main town was under siege. They would often be located on high ground for better defence and view – this makes them spectacular locations for hotels. So you can experience a merge of exotic hotel and traditional desert fortress.

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