10 Day Spotlight – Morocco Food Tour

Morocco Food Tour

We are so happy to share our partnership with MarocMama, to bring you a completely private and specially designed Morocco food tour series.

Morocco is a food lovers dream destination with its vibrant spices and natural food sources. Moroccan food is famous the world over. Focused on meat based dishes (but with lots of vegetarian options) and fish fresh from the sea. Morocco food is rich in flavor and offers a little something for every one.

This 10 day version of the Morocco food tour will take you all around Morocco. Starting from airport pickup in Casablanca and onward through Fes, the Sahara Desert and along the south to Marrakech.

There are places in Morocco where goat cheese is made as a specialty. Honey is harvested all over the country and the olive oil from all the various regions is outstanding. Learn about all these wonderful flavors on your tour and so much more.

Learn to make bread with women who make their bread fresh for each meal over a hot stone oven. Pick produce straight out of the earth and take it the kitchen for that days dinner.

Learn about the food, the food culture, the cooking methods and various regions while travelling with your own small group on a private tour, with a guide, that has been curated for you by Amanda from MarocMama.

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10 Day Spotlight – Morocco Food Tour