7 Day Spotlight – Food of Morocco

Food of Morocco

We are so happy to partner with MarocMama to present an amazing food focused tour series on the food of Morocco.

Amanda is a food and travel writer based in Marrakech, blogging on all things food and travel related. She has become a great resource for so many on topics ranging from traditional Moroccan food recipes, culture and traditions to traveling worldwide and living outside of your home country.

We have brought together our experience in logistics, guiding, private tours and exceptional customer service, with MarocMama’s local knowledge and food expertise. While MarocMama offers a local food tour in Marrakech, her readers have been asking for longer tours to really dig into the food culture of Morocco. Since Roaming Camels is focused on offering great local experiences, it makes for a perfect partnership.

Check out the 7 Day Spotlight – Food of Morocco tour. You will spend a nice amount of time in Marrakech, getting to the know the city and the food culture. You will have local experiences and really get a great understanding of how Moroccan’s approach food. Use your included MarocMama Food Guide to plan your free time and make the most of the Marrakech restaurant scene.

Venture out to the Atlantic Coast and visit Essaouira. Revel in the relaxed atmosphere and try some fresh caught and grilled seafood. Enjoy some time a local winery.

Visit the amazing gardens of Anima and take a street food tour in the medina.

An amazing way to learn more about the food of Morocco!

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7 Day Spotlight – Food of Morocco

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