12 Day Food Spotlight – Food Tour of Morocco

Food tour of Morocco

Oh it’s hard not to get hungry when are planning a trip to Morocco. Our 12 day food spotlight tour, created and curated in partnership with Amanda at MarocMama.com, is essentially the same as the 10 day food tour of Morocco but it includes a stop in Chefchaouen and that’s a pretty amazing difference.

Like the 10 day food tour of Morocco, you will arrive and start your adventure in Casablanca,  but instead of going directly to Fes you will take a different road, (dare I say a road less travelled?) and head to the northern Rif Mountains where you will come upon the most magical little hamlet called Chefchaouen. Nestled into the side of the mountains, this amazing city is painted in various shades of light blue and the affect is magnificent. Wander the streets of this small and traditional northern town. Meet the shopkeepers and artists who call it home. Learn about traditional life in the small village.

After this small sojourn to the goat cheese capital of Morocco, you will be off to the city of Fes to be amazed at how someplace so old and ancient can be so lively and thriving. Visit the artisans and craftsmen and learn to make your own pastille, a local dish of fillo pastry and chicken that is both sweet and savoury.

After Fes you are off to the south and time to visit the heart of Morocco in the desert and beyond.

End your time in Marrakech with its wonderful and emerging foodie scene before jetting home to show all your friends the new recipes and techniques you learned along the way.

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12 Day Food Spotlight – Food Tour of Morocco

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