Ouzoud Falls from Marrakech

Ouzoud Falls from Marrakech

If you are looking for a great way to see Ouzoud Falls, a day trip from Marrakech is the way to go. This is a trip that will take around 8 hours and cover 315 km. You will see the countryside and pass along riverbeds and Berber Villages on your way to the falls, also known in French as Cascade d Ouzoud.

Ouzoud waterfalls day trip from Marrakech is a really popular trip to take. Ouzoud Falls are the second biggest falls in Africa. This trip gives you the opportunity to learn about the Berber culture and see for yourself what a beautiful landscape lies beyond Marrakech.

On your day trip from Marrakech you will cross the Anti-Atlas mountains. Once you arrive you will admire the stunning, 110-meter waterfalls and the rugged cliffs in this magical canyon. Take a walk down the pathway to the foot of the falls so you can admire them from top to bottom.

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Your driver will pick you up from your accommodation at 9:00 for your private tour. Ouzoud Falls one day trip from Marrakech is a popular site for Moroccans and tourists, especially in the summer months.

A 3 hour drive from Marrakech, this day trip will take you to one of the most breathtaking sights in Morocco.

At 110 meters, Ouzoud Falls are the highest falls in North Africa. You can walk along the cliffs at the top of the falls and then take a walk down to the canyon floor. Or ride a local boat to cross the river.

If you like you can hire a local guide for a trek in the surrounding area and visit the old water mills that are still in use, enjoying wild monkeys, or cross the river by the local wooden boats.

Lunch is easily available in the area and you can enjoy a traditional tagine or brochette while marveling at the natural wonder.



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