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To enjoy a tour in Morocco, there are several ways in and out but some are more common than others.
You can fly through or from Europe into Casablanca or Marrakech. Most international flights come to Casablanca and this is a great place to start your journey around Morocco. Many flights also come to Marrakech, but those are mostly Europe low fare carriers who charge for baggage. Both Casablanca and Marrakech have recently opened new and expanded airports and you will find these very user friendly and comfortable.
Another option is to take a boat from Spain and land in Tangier. In Tangier, we can pick you up from the airport or you can hop on the national railroad to reach major cities from Casablanca all the way to Marrakech.
When you land in Morocco, it is important to know that you will go through immigration first, as in any other airport. Once you are through and you have collected your luggage, you will need to fully exit the airport in order to meet your guide or driver. In Morocco, we have taken the safety precaution of allowing only ticketed travelers and staff inside the airports. You will easily find your ride outside in the waiting area.
If you arrive in Casablanca there is access to the local trains conveniently found in the lower level of the terminal. You won’t get right into town from there but it will take you considerable closer to downtown where you can then comfortably get a taxi. Keep in mind, taxi drivers often are known for trying to scam travelers by charging crazy fares. Before you leave the airport, ask someone who works there to show you the sign that clearly states the set Petite taxi and Grand taxi fares from the airport. Take a picture of it and show it to the taxi driver if they give you any issues.
Also, when departing from Morocco keep in mind: When you arrive at the airport, in order to get in to the terminal you will need to present your passport and ticket (e-tickets are fine unless you’re flying Ryanair) and then you will place all of your luggage and hand bags on an x-ray scanner, going through a scanner yourself before entering. From here you will proceed to your airline check in.
Be sure to look for small kiosks with boarding cards available. You will need to have this with you in order to get through Security and they usually won’t hand them to you, so be sure to look for them and fill it out to make the process smooth.
Also important to note about the airports is that the duty free shops won’t take your remaining Moroccan Dirham. They will ask for Euros or credit cards. There are one or two small shops offering souvenirs or selling coffee and sandwiches that take dirham but it is best to get rid of them prior to leaving for the airport.

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