Tips For Visiting Morocco During Ramadan

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If you are looking for tips for visiting Morocco during Ramadan, we are here to help. Visiting Morocco during Ramadan comes with a special set of challenges to keep in mind. But there are also many rewards to visiting North Africa during this special time of year!

Tips For Visiting Morocco During Ramadan

If you are planning your dream Moroccan vacation, there are many decisions to make and many things to prepare for. Know what to expect from the weather during the time of year you will be visiting – and the locations in which you will be spending time. You’ll want to make sure you pack appropriate clothing and any other items you will need to make you comfortable and happy during your vacation. And you’ll want to be aware of any festivals or other special events or holidays – especially the Holy month of Ramadan.

 Visiting Morocco during Ramadan comes with special challenges and rewards. Depending on what you wish to do during your stay, Ramadan can be a great time to visit Morocco. Or it could be a time that you would rather avoid when making your travel plans. We hope that learning these tips for visiting Morocco during Ramadan will help you make the vacation decisions that are right for you!

What Is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and the holiest month for Muslims. One of the five pillars of Islam, Ramadan is a celebration of the month that the Qur’an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. Muslims celebrate Ramadan by fasting from food, beverages, smoking, and more from sunrise to sunset each day for the month. They begin their day with a morning meal called Suhoor before dawn. They don’t eat or drink anything again until after the 4th call to prayer – after sunset – when they break their fast with an Iftar.

During Ramadan, Muslims focus on their relationship to Allah. They often spend even more time than usual doing things to help others, particularly the poor and needy. Visiting Morocco during Ramadan is a great opportunity to discover much of the beauty to be found in the Islamic faith and the Moroccan culture.

Since the timing of Ramadan is determined by the Islamic calendar, rather than the Gregorian calendar that we are familiar with, the start and end dates of this Holy month change every year. One of the best tips for visiting Morocco during Ramadan is to be sure to consult a calendar when planning your vacation, so you won’t be caught unaware.

Why Ramadan is a Great Time to Visit Morocco

A visit to Morocco during Ramadan can be challenging in some ways. But there are also some lovely reasons to consider a visit during this special time of year. A visit during Ramadan is a wonderful way to gain even more cultural and religious awareness of the Moroccan people. While some activities may be more difficult, you will find that for most of the areas frequented by tourists, it is business as usual. Hotels and chain restaurants are still open during the day. And most of the popular tourist attractions are open, as well – although some of them may have limited hours.

There is also a good chance that you might get to try some foods that are primarily available only during Ramadan. And if you are the night owl type, you will love the way the city streets come alive after sunset during Ramadan. That’s when you’ll find the street vendors out and many happy people feasting and celebrating together until midnight or even later. In addition to all that, Ramadan does tend to be a time that is less popular with tourists. This means that you will have fewer crowds to deal with during your stay. It also means that you might find lodging and food less expensive than during the prime tourist times of the year.

Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind During Ramadan

When planning your vacation, keep these handy tips for visiting Morocco during Ramadan in mind.

  • If you are not a Muslim, you are not expected to fast. However, if you visit smaller areas, please be discreet with food and drink during the day. Feel free to carry your water bottle and snacks with you, but try not to be obvious when indulging.
  • Please don’t smoke in public. While eating and drinking may be necessities, smoking is not. If you must smoke, consider sticking close to the tourist areas where you are less likely to offend someone.
  • Please dress modestly. This is always a respectful thing to do when visiting a Muslim country. But it is even more appropriate during Ramadan. Avoid shorts, above-the-knee-skirts, and sleeveless or off-the-shoulder shirts and dresses. This is especially important if you travel beyond the areas most heavily trafficked by tourists.
  • Keep in mind that many business and tourist attractions may adjust and shorten their hours during Ramadan. Certain Morocco guided tours may be unavailable during this time – particularly Morocco desert tours. Morocco also cancels daylight savings time during Ramadan.
  • Please be patient with those who fast. While the Moroccan people will always do their best to be courteous and cordial, fasting for Ramadan is challenging. The combination of no food, drink or smoking during the day, along with less sleep at night, can make people short-tempered. Please do your best to treat them gently.
  • Many restaurants and hotels offer an Iftar meal. And sometimes, locals that you befriend during your visit will even invite you into their home to join in the Iftar meal. If you get the opportunity to join in, please do so. You’ll be glad you did!
  • Remember the words, “Ramadan Mubarak” when you greet the locals. It basically means “Have a Happy Ramadan!”

Morocco Welcomes You During Ramadan and Throughout the Year

 The month of Ramadan is a special and exciting time to visit Morocco. You will have the opportunity to learn even more the culture and religion of the Moroccan people. These handy tips for visiting Morocco during Ramadan will prepare you to enjoy your vacation even more. Then you can return home with memories that will last a lifetime!

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