“How To” Guide to Tipping in Morocco

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If you are wondering about tipping in Morocco, we’ve put together a handy guide. Reading this will help you feel a bit more confident throughout your vacation!

Tipping in Morocco – It’s Important

Morocco has not traditionally had a “tipping culture” like Canada or the United States. However, thanks to tourism, tipping in Morocco has become much more normal and expected for certain services. In most cases, tips are rather small. But they are truly appreciated by those who receive them. Many unskilled workers earn less than 100 dirhams (less than $30 in US dollars) a day, so your tips can really help.

Tipping When Eating Out in Morocco

When eating out in Morocco, the way you tip is largely dependent on where your food is purchased. For something quick like coffee or tea, it is fine to just leave 2-3 dirhams.

For a quick meal, you should expect to tip around five dirhams (or more.) And in nicer restaurants, a typical tip is between 7-10 percent of the bill.

NOTE: Your tip should always be paid in cash and left on the table. Don’t simply add it to your bill when paying with your bank card. If you do that, your server will not receive their tip.

Other Tips You should Expect to Pay

Other service providers you should expect to tip are:

  • Parking Attendants – 3-5 dirhams is normal. However, it goes up to around 10 dirhams for Overnight Parking.
  • Gas Attendants – 3-5 dirhams is normal.
  • Hotel Porters – 5-20 dirhams is expected, depending on how much luggage you have and the price point of your accommodations.
  • Public Toilet Attendants – 1-2 dirhams is normal

Other Tipping is At Your Discretion

Tourists are generally not expected to tip tour guides or taxi drivers. However, some travels believe in tipping tour guides who offer exceptional service, knowledge, and comfort. And tips are often offered to taxi drivers who use a meter and charge honest and fair prices. You may also wish to leave a tip for the cleaning staff who keep your room tidy during your stay. And if you have received excellent service at your riad or other accommodations, you may want to consider leaving a tip for the staff when you check out.

Although Morocco has not traditionally been a “tipping culture”, things have evolved in recent years. Tipping is much more common, and always appreciated. Whether you are exploring the country on one of the many wonderful Moroccan guided tours, or making your way on your own, I hope this handy guild will help you in your travels. You’ll feel that much more confident, now that you know how to tip in Morocco.

Table of Contents

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