The Wonders of Moroccan Black Soap

The Wonders of Moroccan Black Soap

For centuries, Moroccans have enjoyed the luxurious healing benefits of Moroccan Black Soap. This naturally moisturizing soap is an important part of the Hammam (traditional Moroccan bath) experience. But even if you aren’t lucky enough to be in Morocco, you can still enjoy the wondrous benefits of Moroccan Black Soap in your own home.

What is Moroccan Black Soap?

Moroccan Black Soap – also known as Beldi Soap (Arabic for “traditional”) – is a castile soap made from olives. A castile soap is one that is made from plant-based oils, rather than animal fats. And of all the Castile soaps on the market, traditional Moroccan Black Soap is one of the best. Made primarily from olive oil and macerated olives, this luxurious soap has a gel or butter-like consistency and is rich in Vitamin E.

Not to be confused with African Black Soap (which is made from a complex mixture of plantain, palm tree leaves, shea butter and tree bark, cocoa pods, and other locally sourced materials, Beldi Soap is generally considered the milder of the two, and is, therefore, more popular as a facial cleanser than the African version.

Moroccan Black Soap is excellent for all skin types. Not only does it revitalize and moisturize your skin, but it can also even heal rashes, chronic dryness, and acne.

Moroccan Black Soap in a Traditional Hammam

Traditionally, Beldi Soap is used in the Hammam – the public spa-like baths. The olive-based soap is slathered on the skin as women relax in steam rooms for five to fifteen minutes. At this point, the skin is briskly scrubbed with a coarse washcloth (or glove) called a Kessa. The exfoliation process removes dead skin cells and leaves behind silky smooth and thoroughly refreshed skin. Tourists going to the Hammam for the first time have commented that they had no idea their skin could feel so soft and healthy. Isn’t it amazing what a few macerated olives can do?

In the Hammam, after a good soaking and scrubbing with Moroccan Black Soap and the Kessa, your skin is pampered with other moisturizing treatments, balms, and oils. And if you aren’t living in or visiting Morocco right now, you may suddenly feel like you are missing out. But no worries – there are ways that you can enjoy the luxurious feeling of silky soft skin using Moroccan Black Soap at home!

How to Use Moroccan Black Soap at Home

Even if you aren’t currently lucky enough to be in Morocco at the moment, you can give your skin the same incredible exfoliating experience at home.

You first want to start with the right Beldi Soap – something simple and basic like this Moroccan Black Soap by Zakia’s Morocco, which is made with simple ingredients like olive oil, macerated olives, Water, and Potassium Hydroxide. The other “must-have” item is a good Kessa glove. This one is designed to go with Zakia’s Moroccan Black Soap. This Kessa glove is the right level of “coarse” to exfoliate your skin while treating it right.

Although you don’t HAVE to steam your skin, a good steam treatment is part of the authentic Hammam experience. So, if you decide to turn on the hot shower to steam up your bathroom for a few minutes, your skin will thank you for it!

When ready (whether you steam or not), slather your skin with Moroccan Black Soap and let it sit for five to fifteen minutes. While the luxurious soap soaks into your skin, relax in your favorite ways. Candles, music, and even a nice glass of wine are some nice and relaxing touches for your in-home spa experience.

After allowing your skin to soak up all the wonderful moisture it can, it is time to exfoliate. Slip on your Kessa glove and scrub your body with long, slow strokes. Don’t worry if you see dark particles – that is simply the old, dead skin cells falling away, leaving behind fresh, clean, vibrant skin. (At this point, it is perfectly acceptable if you find it tough to stop touching your silky soft skin!)

To complete your experience, follow your exfoliation session with a cool shower. Snuggle into your favorite soft robe and enjoy the feeling of well-cared-for skin.

But Wait! There’s More!

As if the healing and exfoliating properties of Moroccan Black Soap wasn’t exciting enough – Moroccan locals know that it is the best way to clean and polish brass, too!

Now you know you need some!

Why wait until you get to Morocco to enjoy the exhilarating refreshment of the Hammam experience? With some Moroccan Black Soap, a Kessa glove, and some “me” time, you’ll feel like you are walking around in brand new skin! And when you CAN visit Morocco again, be sure to contact us to plan your own special camel riding adventure!

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