Morocco Desert Tours - Guest Comments

Mustapha is Number 1
Throughout my years of travelling solo, visiting many countries from China, Nepal, India, Brazil, Peru, Chile, U.K., Morocco and many more, I can say that I have the experience of may a tour guide. Mustapha is number 1. He is outstanding, knowledgable and very experienced. He gives 100% to the job. Always friendly, approachable and makes everyone feel secure and safe.His commentary is easy to listen to without being boring and very knowledgeable whatever place you go. Mustapha is a happy, friendly and enjoyable person to be with.
Kerry from Perth

Aussie Traveller

We would recommend Roaming Camels to anyone who wants to get a little beyond the surface…
Having a Moroccan guide was an asset. For Mustapha’s part his language was excellent. Safety was also very well taken care of. His ability to create group loyalty through various mechanisms, including humor, was great.
We were expecting to get a good oversight of the country and culture, not only the big cities, but also about ordinary people and Moroccan policies. All this was fulfilled by Mustapha. We would recommend Roaming Camels to anyone who wants to get a little beyond the surface of the Moroccan society and who wants a little adventure.
Knut and Anna-Lise

Norway (near the North Pole)

They made me feel safe and secure.
Knowing Kathi and Mustapha from my travels with them throughout my Morocco holiday, I can say that they are both delightful people and I had the pleasure to share my holiday with them.They both made me feel secure, which gave me peace of mind being with them know that I feel safe from harm and danger being in a foreign country.

Perth, Australia