Packing List for Summer Travel in Morocco

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Packing the right things for summer travel in Morocco can make all the difference in your vacation enjoyment. Read on for some helpful information to keep in mind when making your packing list!

Packing List For Summer Travel in Morocco

When planning your Moroccan dream vacation, you need to decide on many things. From what time of year you are going to how much money you’ll have to spend when you get there, you have much to work out. And if you are heading to North Africa in the Summer, you’ll want to be very aware of the temperatures. Some parts of Morocco get very hot in the Summer. Yet there are times when you may find it surprisingly cool – enough so you might like to have a sweater handy. So what should you pack when planning for Summer travel in Morocco?

And what should you pack?

Advantages of a Summer Vacation in Morocco

There are some great reasons why Summer is a wonderful time to visit Morocco. For one thing, if you are traveling with kids, their long break from school provides a lot of freedom for a longer vacation. And traveling during the busy season also means that more activities are available since there is more demand for them. And although transportation and lodging can be more expensive during the busy season, you can avoid a lot of that by booking well in advance. 

Summer is a wonderful time for exploring the beach, and the mountains. If you love to surf or dream of spending hours soaking up the sun by the pool, summer is a great time to do it. And even on the hottest days, once the sun sets, the evenings cool off quite nicely. So if you are a bit of a night owl, you will love Summer nights in Morocco.

You will definitely want to keep those Summer temperatures in mind when you make your travel plans. Temperatures can range from balmy to oppressive from place to place, so keep that in mind when planning for Summer travel in Morocco.

(And if you decide that Winter is a better time for your dream vacation – click here!)

Pack According to Your Summer Travel Plans

When building your Summer packing list for Morocco, think about the places you will be visiting and the activities you dream of doing.

In Summer, another important consideration is to remember that you are visiting a Muslim country. Morocco welcomes many visitors from all around the world and in areas with heavy tourist traffic, dress code is not so important. However, even in the busiest city souk, you may experience unwanted and even negative attention if you dress too inappropriately.

Women should avoid exposing their shoulders and cleavage. If wearing a sleeveless blouse, consider layering it with another shirt or sweater. Shorts and skirts should ideally be knee-length or longer. And although scarves aren’t required, it is always good to keep one handy.

Men should opt for longer shorts or jeans, as well. And although t-shirts are generally okay, tank tops aren’t really appropriate in public. When in doubt, dress a little more conservatively when out among the locals.

When planning your Summer activities in Morocco, think about the clothing and other belongings you may want with you at those times. Then write them down in your packing list.

Pack to Dress in Layers

The temperatures in Morocco are as varied as the geography itself. From beaches to deserts to mountains, temperatures can range from very hot to rather chilly, all on the same day. Therefore, when making your packing list, think about layers and variety. Make sure you have plenty of items made with loose-fitting breathable fabric like cotton so you can stay cool while staying covered. Think of shirts that go together, yet can be worn alone. And make sure you have at least a couple of warmer items on hand, just in case you need them. With plenty of variety, your Summer travel in Morocco will be a lot more pleasant.

A Packing List for Summer Travel In Morocco

The following is a list of items you may wish to consider for your Summer vacation to Morocco. Depending on your personal vacation plans, some of these items may be more useful than others:


  • Sun hats and visors – to protect from the sun
  • Light Sweater
  • Light jacket – if spending time in the mountains
  • Hoodie – handy in the evening
  • T-shirts – loose-fitting – for men or women
  • Jeans – for men or women. If figure-hugging on women, consider pairing with a shirt long enough to cover your bottom.
  • Trousers – for men or women
  • Long skirts – loose, flowy, and made of breathable fabric
  • Swimsuit
  • Swimsuit covers – depending on where you swim during your Summer travel in Morocco
  • Scarves – women are not required to cover. But it is still good to pack a few scarves. There are times you may wish to cover out of respect. And they are handy protection from wind and sand when you need it.
  • Socks – more than you think you need.

Comfort Items

  • Light Blankets – depending on where you stay, it can still be cool at night
  • Warm Pajamas – in case of cold rooms
  • Cool Pajamas – in case it is hot
  • Robe

Practical Accessories

  • Sunglasses
  • Backpack – for personal items when exploring the country

Personal Products

  • Imodium or similar anti-diarrhea medicine – just in case
  • Electrolyte tablets – helps keep your minerals up if you get dehydrated for any reason.
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Appropriate shoes – Athletic shoes for walking. Sandals for wandering the souks and markets. Flip flops if you camp in the desert overnight. Slippers for your hotel.
  • Travel toilet paper or bathroom wipes – just in case
  • Hand Sanitizer – to keep clean before and after eating, etc.
  • Important personal products – feminine hygiene, contact lens solution, toiletries, etc.
  • Eye mask – protection from light and/or sand when sleeping
  • Adaptor – for electronics

When planning for Summer travel in Morocco, your packing list is one of the most important things to plan. And if you’d like to consider taking a fun guided tour to make the most of your vacation, be sure to get in touch. We’d love to help you plan your dream vacation!

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