Why You Should Visit Skoura and the Kasbah Amridil

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If you are hoping to learn more about the history of the Moroccan people, a great place to start is the town of Skoura and the Kasbah Amridil.

Why You Should Visit Skoura and the Kasbah Amridil

When visiting Morocco, there are so many wonderful things to see and do. It can be challenging to plan for them all. But if you are going to be spending time in Marrakesh, you should definitely consider taking a day or two to spend some time in southeastern Morocco. From the city of Ouarzazate (affectionately known as the “Hollywood of Morocco”) to the town of Erfoud (gateway to the sand dunes), the entire area is rich with stunning scenery, friendly people, and history dating back to ancient times. One particularly magical stop is the small village of Skoura and the Kasbah Amridil.

Skoura is a beautiful oasis filled with almond, fig, and olive trees, and date palms. There are a number of beautiful kasbahs in the area and the largest one is the Kasbah Amridil. Not only is it the largest Kasbah in Skoura, but it is also one of the largest in all of Morocco.

Kasbah Amridil – A Living Museum

Kasbah Amridil was built in the 17th century by the Nassiri family, who still take care of it to this day. This “living museum” offers a great opportunity to learn more about how the people once lived in the Kasbah 300 years ago. Largely unchanged in over 300 years, the houses, streets, and Kasbah walls are well-maintained. Walking among them, you can get a sense of what it was like to live there long ago. Several buildings have been restored so you can see inside. You’ll also see the old wells, bread ovens, and even an ancient olive-oil press.

The beautiful Kasbah was once featured on the 50 dirham note, although the newer ones no longer have it. It has also been featured in several films, including Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and Lawrence of Arabia.

Guided tours are available on-site in five languages. If you are largely unfamiliar with kasbah life, the tours are quite informative. There is also a lovely guest house right next door to Kasbah Amridil if you decide you would like to stay a little longer.

Other Kasbahs In and Around Skoura

If you decide you would like to see more Kasbahs in Skoura besides Kasbah Amridil, you may wish to consider a tour of the Palmery. Other kasbahs in Skoura include the Dar Ait Sidi el-Mati and the Kasbah el-Kabbaba. The Kasbah Ait Ben Moro was built in the 18th-century and has since been restored and converted into a hotel. And north of Skoura are Dar Lahsoune and Kasbah Ait Ben Abou. The latter of which is the second-largest Kasbah in the area of Skoura and the Kasbah Amridil.

More Things to Do in Skoura

Skoura is a quiet village and a true oasis thanks to two seasonal rivers that keep the vegetation thriving. A place rich in beauty, it is a lovely place to simply relax for a while. It’s a great escape from the vibrant energy of Marrakesh. There are a number of hotels and other accommodations in Skoura, and a number of small restaurants, too. In addition to walking tours of the Palmery, bike tours and horseback riding are available, as well.

If you would love to see the enchanting oasis of Skoura and the Kasbah Amridil (as well as the other Kasbahs there), be sure to get in touch with us here at Roaming Camels. Not only do we have some amazing tours of the area available already. But we would also love to help you plan a custom tour just right for you!

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