10 Popular Morocco Beaches You Need to Visit

While planning your North African vacation, be sure to save time for one (or more) of these Popular Morocco Beaches

10 Popular Morocco Beaches You Need to Visit

When you think of Morocco, it’s easy to think of cities like Marrakesh, guided tours with camel rides across the desert, and busy souks where you can watch snake charmers while buying beautiful carpets and hand-crafted tagines. But this beautiful country also has over 1200 miles of coastline filled with sandy beaches, water as blue as the sky, busy cities, sleepy fishing villages, and all kinds of fun recreational activities! Read on to learn about several of the most Popular Morocco Beaches You Need to Visit! 

Beaches of the Mediterranean Coastline

Martil Beach

Follow the coastline east and south Tangier and not only will you enjoy a lovely drive, but you’ll also find the wonderful beach town of Martil and Martil Beach. The warm waters of the Mediterranean provide perfect swimming conditions all year long. But if you head to Martil Beach in the summer, you’ll also find plenty to do out of the water. Visit the beautiful promenade where you can enjoy some of the best seafood dishes imaginable. Or simply hang out for a while and watch the crowds go by. And if crowds aren’t your thing, pay Martil Beach a visit between September and April. The crowds all but disappear, and the swimming is still divine! 

Saidia Beach

Located along the Mediterranean coastline as far east as you can go before entering Algeria, Saidia Beach is a vacation paradise. This location is a local favorite but is a bit out of the way for International Travelers. Still, with 8.5 miles of golden sands and warm water, this place is quickly becoming one of the more popular Morocco beaches. The temperate climate is comfortable year round and swimming is a joy. Saidia Beach is a great place to relax and meditate on the ocean waves while you work on your tan. If you feel like being more active, there are available rentals for boats, jet skis, and more. 

Northern Atlantic Coastline Beaches of Morocco

Taghazout Beach

Taghazout is a small, laid-back fishing village surrounded by the beautiful Taghazout Beach. This area has a reputation for being one of the best surf spots in Africa. During the summer, the golden sands of Taghazout Beach are a wonderfully relaxing place for families to swim and enjoy the sun. But head there from Autumn to Spring, and the beach transforms to a surfer’s paradise. This Moroccan village is a must-visit if surfing is your thing. You can rent equipment there and attend camps with other surfers. There are even schools there dedicated to teaching you all you’d like to know about this fun sport!

Las Cuevas Beach or Paradise Beach

Located about 5 miles from the center of Asilah, this popular beach is known for its great beauty. Just far enough from town to avoid the crowds often seen at Asilah’s town beach, this out-of-the-way location is found at the end of an unpaved road. There are numerous ways to get there, including catching a ride with a horse and cart. Go in the summer, you’ll find plenty of delicious seafood and cold drinks available for your enjoyment, too! 

Sidi Abed Beach

Located about 40 minutes away from the port city of El Jadida, this beach location truly is very far away from anywhere else. If you are really looking to get away from the world, this is the place. No shops, food, or vendors – when you spend time on Sidi Abed Beach, it’s just you and the sand and the sea (although you might find a boat or two there, as well.)

Oualidia Lagoon

Located about an hour south of El Jadida, the coastal village of Oualidia nestles against the beautiful Oualidia Lagoon. Considered the “oyster capital” of Morocco, this beautiful location is an absolute paradise. The gentle waters of the Lagoon are a great place to swim and play, and the fishing is so good here, you’ll be tempted to eat too much – every day. This is also considered one of the best places in Morocco for bird watchers, due to the many migrating birds who stop here each Autumn and Spring.

Southern Atlantic Coastline Beaches of Morocco

Legzira Beach

One of the most popular Morocco beaches among tourists, this breathtaking South Atlantic beach is famous for its ancient sandstone arches. The red stone cliffs lead to a secluded bay that is stunningly beautiful, especially at sunset. This peaceful beach is perfect for romantic getaways and photographers love capturing the beauty with their lens. For more adventurous types, paragliding and surfing rentals are available, and there are guided tours of the area, as well. 

Tagharte Beach

Considered the “in-town” beach of Essaouira, this lovely location is only two hours away from Marrakesh. The beach has been granted Blue Flag status for cleanliness and water quality, although the weather is usually a bit too cold for swimming. Tagharte Beach, however, is a great weekend escape from the heat of Marrakesh. It’s a popular location for windsurfing and other water sports. And if you prefer staying on dry land, horse and camel riding is available.

Sidi Kaouki

If you’re in the Essaouira area and looking for a beach that’s a little less crowded and a lot more back to nature, you want to head to Sidi Kaouki. Located about 12 miles south of Essaouira, you’ll find far fewer crowds than in Tagharte. Nature enthusiasts love the rock pools at low tide. And if you visit the small river to the south in the winter, you might even see some wild flamingos.

Dakhla Lagoon and Dragon Island

The Southernmost Moroccan city of Dakhla is located on a peninsula with a beautiful lagoon. The peaceful lagoon is a great place to relax and enjoy the stunning natural views, whether you stay on the shore or head off across the waters of the lagoon to Dragon Island – a two-hour boat ride away. The uninhabited island is the ultimate getaway from the world. And the surrounding windy waters are the perfect location for watersports such as kayaking and sailing. Most of all, the beaches of Dakhla are famous for Kitesurfing. So much so that the 2018 World Kitesurfing Championships were held there.

These 10 Popular Morocco Beaches are only a small sampling of all the beaches the beautiful country of Morocco has to offer. With over 1200 miles of coastline, you could easily spend your entire vacation living the beach life. At very least, with so many great beaches to explore, you may want to consider extending your vacation by another two weeks. And if you need help figuring out how to see as much of Morocco as possible, get in touch – we’d love to help!

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