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So you want to go to the magical land of Morocco for the first time. But you don’t speak Arabic or French. You don’t know where to go or where to begin.  Don’t worry! Roaming Camels Morocco is the Morocco travel agency you can trust to plan, deliver and execute your customized tour around Morocco.

At Roaming Camels Morocco, we value giving our clients tours and trips that are unique to their vision of what they want to do on their holiday. We believe in providing unmatched professional guided services in English for an international clientele. Our guides are experts in cultural and historical knowledge so anywhere you want to explore from Casablanca to Zagora, you will learn in depth insider information.

But let’s talk about actually planning your trip. What if you don’t know what’s worth seeing or how to see as much as possible in the allotted days you have available. That’s where our expertise comes in.

We provide both set itinerary tours and day trips as well as customizable options. We can discuss with you all the major and minor sites you can visit. We can also provide you with a list of activities that you can enjoy while in certain locations and we can calculate the time it would take to travel from particular locations to another to make sure they fit into your timeline with us.

We are the name in custom tours in Morocco so we aim to give all my guests an individual experience. As a Morocco travel agency, we travel all across this incredible land from exploring the Northern coast or trekking through the High Atlas Mountains or taking a relaxing camel trek over the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert.

If you’re ready to begin planning a trip of a lifetime with Roaming Camels Morocco, your perfect Morocco travel agency, simply call our office at +212 05 24 43 62 87 or you can email us at We look forward to being a part of your experiences in Morocco!

Table of Contents

We create Morocco tour packages specifically for you. We are an independent Morocco travel agency offering the best Morocco private tours with a wealth of experience in creating Morocco desert tours and providing personal, attentive service from start to finish.

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We create Morocco tour packages specifically for you. We are an independent Morocco travel agency offering the best Morocco private tours with a wealth of experience in creating Morocco desert tours and providing personal, attentive service from start to finish.

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