Packing list for Morocco Weather in December

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Are you putting together a packing list for Morocco weather in December? Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan your vacation packing list.

What to Pack for Morocco Weather in December

December is a unique and special time to visit Morocco. In recent years, Morocco is gaining a reputation as a great winter destination and a fun place to spend Christmas and New Year. But December is still considered the “off” season in Morocco and if you plan your trip carefully, you can take good advantage of that. Travel fares and room rentals tend to be cheaper. Things are generally a lot less crowded, especially in popular tourist areas like Marrakech.

December is also a great time of year for many activities. It’s a comfortable time of year to visit the desert, especially if you are heat sensitive. If you ever dreamed of skiing in Morocco, December is a good time to do it. And if you are hoping to spend a little time on the beach, the Mediterranean coastline is still quite balmy at this time of year.

If you are considering a trip to Morocco in December, here are some things to keep in mind, including some ideas on what you should include on your packing list for Morocco weather in December.

Morocco Weather in December

Weather is similar to the Autumn you may be used to. Temperatures are cold at night but can still feel warm during the day when the sun is out. The Mediterranean coast is often balmy and pleasant, while the Atlantic coastline is usually quite a bit colder. You’ll want to be prepared for the possibility of rain, as December is one of the two rainiest months of the year. And if you head to the mountains, you will most likely see snow.

Days are often mild, with that North African sun shining brightly to keep you warm. But you will want to pack extra blankets or sleeping bags since the nights get cold. You may be able to find a place with heat, but it is best to be prepared in case you don’t.

Things to do in Morocco in December

There are so many fun things to do in Morocco throughout the year. And December is the best time for some of them. Some great choices for December activities in Morocco are:

  • Take a camel ride in the desert and sleep in a heated tent under the stars. (Note: Finding accommodations that offer heat – whether tents or riads – can be tricky. Many places simply don’t have heat. The more you book in advance, the better your chances of finding a place with heat.)
  • Look for museums and historic buildings in the areas you plan to visit, so you’ll have things to do even when the weather is cold and rainy.
  • Catch the Marrakech International Film Festival, a yearly event held every December. Be sure to check their website since the dates change each year.
  • Go check out the Christmas decorations (link to Christmas article) at any modern mall in the larger cities of Morocco. Although Morocco is a Muslim country, people decorate for Christmas more and more each year. So if you are in the mood to enjoy a little Christmas spirit in December in Morocco, it is not out of reach.
  • Go skiing in the mountains. Head up to Ifrane and check out the slopes. The folks back home will never believe it!
  • Check out all kinds of delicious street fare when you take a food tour in the Marrakech Medina. Even if the weather is a little on the chilly side that day, all that scrumptious food will keep you warm!

What to Pack for Morocco in December

Winter Morocco weather in December in Morocco can be a bit unpredictable. You may feel so warm in the sun, a short-sleeve shirt and jeans is all you need. But step into the shade, and suddenly you’re wishing for a sweater or a hoodie. Packing for Winter weather in Morocco is all about layers.

But you may want to make sure you have some specific things with you when visiting Morocco in December:

  • Are you planning to visit the Marrakech International Film Festival? If so, make sure you print and pack any info you need ahead of time so you won’t be caught with no access to a printer once you get to Morocco.
  • Spending Christmas in Morocco? Pack any presents you wish to have with you in Morocco. If you like to dress for the holidays, make sure you have any special clothing you want with you, too.
  • If you are going to be skiing: You will be able to rent much of the equipment you need. However, if there is anything special that you want to have with you, remember to make a place for it in your luggage.

Remember that the weather in December is highly variable. Don’t forget to consider packing blankets and/or sleeping bags for everyone. (Packing in vacuum-sealed bags can greatly reduce bulk.) And it’s always a good idea to have a travel book or three, so you have ideas of indoor places to visit when the weather is cold and rainy.

December is a special time to visit Morocco. We hope that this packing list for Morocco Weather in December will help you make sure you have everything you need to make your December vacation absolutely amazing. If you would like to talk about building a custom Moroccan tour perfect for you and your family, please contact us. We at Roaming Camels want to help all your Moroccan dreams a reality!

Table of Contents

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We create Morocco tour packages specifically for you. We are an independent Morocco travel agency offering the best Morocco private tours with a wealth of experience in creating Morocco desert tours and providing personal, attentive service from start to finish.

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