What to expect from a Morocco Travel experience

Morocco is a near perfect travel destination and it is certainly a unique one. Many travellers who come to Morocco immediately start planning for their return trip as they are so overwhelmed by the complexity of sight and sound.

Geographically and culturally Morocco is a very diverse country. Offering cities, sea coast, mountains and the mighty Sahara, Morocco is filled with options for vacationers and serious travellers alike. From the exotic international port of Tangier in the far north, to the High Atlas Mountains and ancient markets of Marrakech. Morocco offers a beach experience, the chance to summit one of the Africa’s highest mountains, or a trip into the Sahara desert. World class golf courses, seaside resorts and an artisanal culture it compares to nowhere else.

Few visitors leave Morocco without noting “I was very surprised to learn…”

Hassan II Mosque in Morocco along the coastline under a dramatic sunset sky.
Coastal town in Morocco with historic fortifications overlooking a sandy beach with visitors.
Traditional Moroccan architecture featuring an ornate yellow door with intricate mosaic tile work.
Traditional tent amidst expansive sand dunes in a desert setting, as featured in a Morocco travel guide.

Located on the north western coast of Africa, it is not the Middle East, nor is it Africa. Having been colonized by the French and Spanish from 1912 through 1952, it is not a European country either, but its hard to tell at times.

Morocco is predominantly Muslim but notably tolerant and liberal in culture. A Constitutional monarchy where the King is ever present while 3 of her major cities have female Mayors. Women are afforded more and more freedoms as Morocco works diligently to make strides in the 21st century.

Travelling in Morocco is best planned well in advance and done by professionals. The two official languages are Arabic and Amazigh (Berber). However, the local dialect is called Darija, a language of the streets and not found in Google translate. Most of the population switches rapidly between French, Arabic and Darija. It is not uncommon for the average Moroccan to speak 5 or 6 languages before they graduate high school.

The culture of Morocco is unique. While being a led by the male dominated Muslims, the indigenous people, the Amazigh (Berbers) are a matriarchal society and women, especially mothers, are revered.

In short, to travel in Morocco without the benefit of a guide to interpret the language, customs, culture, history and fascinating politics is to miss a large part of the experience.


An elegant arched corridor with patterned ceilings and tiled walls, showcasing Islamic architectural design, as highlighted in a Morocco travel guide.

It may look small on the map, but Morocco is about the same size as California. While many people choose to visit Marrakech for a long weekend from Europe, or go to Agadir for a cheeky beach getaway, if you want to really experience Morocco its best to plan about 10 days, give or take a day or so.

When you travel to Morocco you can set your budget from moderate to high end luxury. It is not inexpensive like Thailand. No you’ll notice the prices are more inline with some more modest European destinations. But it is still very affordable, while at the same time offering some absolutely stunning luxury hotels that have the caught the attention of Clare Danes, Madonna, Michelle Obama, Cristiano Rinaldo and many other vacationing celebs.

Plan on a well paced, but active vacation. Your days will be busy with sightseeing, and travelling between destinations. There is a lot of driving to be done in Morocco but fortunately we take care of that part for you, and there is plenty to see and do along the way.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Morocco.

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Roaming Camels

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Morocco is located on the northwest Atlantic Coast of Africa. Located so close to Spain that you can actually see it across the Straits of

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