custom luxury tours

We understand luxury travel.

With an extensive background in luxury planning and travel design, we have worked with many high end travellers.
We have a deep understanding of how to meet your needs but also how we can provide a quality travel experience while keeping your preferences, comfort and safety top of mind.

Morocco has a selection of some of the most beautiful hotels in the world. When you plan your travel with us you can rest assured that we understand your expectations. Through our initial planning discussions, using our keen listening skills, we will craft a one of kind experience that will create memories of a lifetime for your special trip or family vacation.

When you choose a custom luxury tour we will offer a few extras to make sure you are comfortable and happy.

Trip of a lifetime

Roaming Camels specialises in high end luxury travel. We are here to make your family vacation as seamless as possible.

Using the form below, let us know how many days you will be coming for and a bit about your expectations to get the conversation started. From there will work by email or Zoom to craft your perfect experience.