How We Work

How We Work

Being easy to work with is one of our core pillars

In today’s travel world there is so much to consider that it can quickly become overwhelming.
With all our experience and skill in planning Morocco travel, you should not have to work hard to get the trip you are looking for.  We know Morocco and we are very experienced in travelling around the country, with years of on the ground experience, and a keen ear to guest feedback, you can confidently leave the details to us.
Waveform of an audio signal inspired by Morocco displayed on a black background.

First Steps

When you are coming to Morocco there are a few basic details that we need to settle right from the start. We need to plan the most efficient route for you, as well as making sure that you have time to enjoy the sights, while making good progress. We want to learn about your travel style, whether you are coming to Morocco for a custom luxury tour, or you are hoping for a more budget friendly experience. And we want to know where you are coming from and going to.

The first steps in the planning process are to learn from you:
Once we know these basic details we will put together an itinerary for you to review, with pricing, and hotel recommendations.
A mountain village nestled in a lush valley with terraced fields, under the shadow of rugged peaks, typical of Morocco's landscape.
A fortified village atop a hill in Morocco with a bridge leading to it, surrounded by desert vegetation under a clear blue sky.
Ornate columns with mosaic tilework in a traditional Moroccan architectural setting.

What's Included

Another core value of our business is transparency. Below we outline exactly what is and isn’t included in your tour package. 

We don’t believe in adding surprise charges to your bill once you’re here travelling with us in Morocco. 

The goal, always, is to help you enjoy the magic of Morocco without feeling stressed or anxious. 

What's Included in Your Tour Package:

Airport to airport service

All of our tours start and end at the airport so you don’t need to worry about a thing. We will meet you at the airport and make sure you get back in time for your departure.

Tour Leader

Most of our trips are led by either an English speaking driver, or a driver and an English speaking National Guide who is fully licensed for guiding in Morocco.
Typically we offer a guide for groups of 4 people or more, but we are happy to offer the services of a guide to couples as well.


We include all hotels in your package (unless you request that we don’t). Hotels are based on your budget and availability. We use only clean, local and authentic properties that are well reviewed and with whom we have a positive relationship.


Your tour includes all breakfasts during your trip, and some dinners.
Typically your dinners are included in the south of Morocco, this is because there are not any local options to choose from in many of the more remote locations. In large centres and for all lunches, your tour leader will be sure that you stop at clean, well reviewed and known restaurants for your meals. You will often have choices in the evening on the style of dining you’d prefer and at lunch the stops are often based around the progress of your day.
If there is a restaurant that we prefer for it’s cuisine or experience, we will always choose to take you there so that you have a variety of experiences.
We are able to accommodate vegetarian and gluten free diets. Vegan diets may be restricted outside the major centres.

What's Not included

We only operate in country, so it’s up to you to get to Morocco.
We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance when you travel. This insurance should include medical considerations but also trip cancellation or interruption, lost luggage and all the other bells and whistles. It’s best to be protected when you travel for unforeseen incidents.
Morocco is a destination that appreciates tipping. You will find that tips are well received. We recommend using local currency but for longer trips when you tip your driver or guide at the end of your journey, USD or Euros are also appropriate.
An intricately patterned Moroccan arch entrance with a hanging lantern against a warm orange wall.
An intricately patterned Moroccan arch entrance with a hanging lantern against a warm orange wall.

How to Book & Pay

In order to secure your dates, we require a non-refundable small deposit of $550 USD to book. This can be paid by secure credit card link through an invoice.

The balance is due in full 30 days in advance of your arrival date. We are happy to issue multiple invoices if you are friends travelling together. We will send you an invoice (less the deposit).

There is a 5% service fee for credit card payment and we also accept bank transfers or a wire transfers to our US dollar account to our Canadian bank.