Your Guide to Morocco Travel

Roaming Camels Morocco is a Morocco travel company offering tailor made tours of Morocco for your Morocco travel experience.We take care of you from your arrival at the airport until we drop you off for your return flight. We also offer day trips and short excursions from Marrakech, Fez, Tangier and Casablanca. All you need to do is tell us what you would like to see and do, your budget, and how long you will be here, then get yourself to an airport in Morocco and yallah, (or “let’s go” in Arabic).

For Roaming Camels Morocco, Morocco travel is a great pleasure and we want to share it with you. We are a partnership that combines expertise in North American or “western” luxury travel with a “born and bred” Moroccan tour professional. Our owners are a licensed guide with 12 years of experience and a Canadian woman with a 20 year background in the hospitality industry.

Take that one step further and you will find that the woman has travelled extensively in Morocco, living here in fact, and experiencing all the country has to offer. As well, she has certain “standards” that must be met in order to travel the country in comfort, as do many western visitors.

While on the other hand, the guide has travelled to 15 countries outside of Morocco and has a solid understanding of what western people like and need and he has lead hundreds of groups of Aussies, Americans, Brits and Canadians.

The first time they travelled together, the guide, why don’t we call him Mustapha, became quickly aware that the woman, her name can be Kathi, had certain needs. He quickly started calling her “the VIP”. Because….hot showers and a comfortable vehicle were the minimum standard. And so it went from there.A partnership was born, between Mustapha and the VIP that has benefited western travelers from all over the globe over the last few years. A rockin’ Moroccan tour guide with a professional sense of humour, a deep knowledge of the country and a standard of operation that is impeccable. Add a western woman who knows the travel industry and understands how things work in Morocco and VOILA. Your perfect partners for visiting Morocco confidently, safely and with a little style.

morocco awaits

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We create Morocco tour packages specifically for you. We are an independent Morocco travel agency offering the best Morocco private tours with a wealth of experience in creating Morocco desert tours and providing personal, attentive service from start to finish.