Morocco Earthquake Update

Dear Travellers, 

As you know, Morocco experienced a severe earthquake on September 8, 2023. Our prayers are with the families who lost loved ones, their homes and villages. 

Please note that we have been monitoring things closely and Marrakech is open for business. There is some damage to older buildings but aside from re-routing the city is safe and accessible. 

We are working with local authorities and aid organisations to understand how best to help and how best to avoid the areas needing assistance. 

The worst of the damage was felt in the mountain region outside Marrakech near Asni and Imlil. 

The best way to support Morocco is TO VISIT MOROCCO. Your support of the economy through tourism is essential now more than ever. We need to keep employment strong. Tourism = Income and Income = Aid. 

If you are coming to Morocco soon, BRING A SUITCASE that you can leave behind, filled with warm clothes, socks and shoes. We will be sure it is delivered to a displaced family.

We are here and waiting to welcome you.

Mustapha, Kathi and the team at Roaming Camels 

**Roaming Camels will be aiding the passage of children’s clothing from Canada to Casablanca. If you would like to contribute to our efforts you can send donations to or in Canada by e-transfer to