Fes is located in the north of Morocco and it referred to as the cultural capital. Its the medina in Fes that draws the most attention. The city was founded in the 8th and 9th century and the medina has architecture that has been built over the course of 10 centuries. The influences are endless and the labyrinth streets mean you must have a guide, lest you lost in there forever. Home to the 4th-century medrassas of Bou Inania, and Al Attarine, you can visit the world’s oldest university, founded in 859 by a woman.
The intricate tile and brass work of Fes will keep your eyes in motion during your entire visit. There is no corner left untouched by the hands of talented artisans. You can also see a Royal Palace here which is still used today by the King of Morocco, the beloved Mohammed VI.

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