Birthing a Camel

Hello. Welcome to Roaming Camels Morocco. We are a tour company offering private tours and excursions in Morocco. We are based in Marrakech, because that is where we live. The reality of it, however, is that we will operate out of any city in Morocco, in order to accommodate the needs of our guests. Because that’s how Morocco works. It is remarkably easy to travel around the country, so starting or finishing a trip in any city…we are more than happy to accommodate your needs.

Roaming Camels is a partnership between a native Amazigh, born and raised in Morocco – Mustapha, and a native Canadian who moved to Morocco from Toronto – Kathi. They met on a trip. Mustapha was the guide and Kathi was just looking around. With no expectations of the outcome of that trip, other than perhaps some souvenir camels, Kathi stumbled across a culture of Amazigh (what?) that knocked her over.

Mustapha, as well as being an exceptional guide and manager of fine details, is a natural story teller. He loves to educate visitors on the history and traditions of the Amazigh (the indigenous people of North Africa). He talked and talked and talked about the Amazigh. About nomads, (Nomads!) (Cool!) and about the culture and landscape of this gorgeous country. The more Kathi saw and heard, the more convinced she was that there was an opportunity for the two of them to  create something together.  Mustapha is very passionate about the Amazigh and their traditions. Kathi is very passionate about sharing good things with good people.

Kathi and Mustapha decided they would be working together in some way. By the last day of her stay in Morocco, it was decided that Kathi would return for two months so they could get things in motion. By the middle of her first week back in Canada it was decided that her house would go on the market and Kathi would just move to Marrakech. Being a bit of a nomad by nature, and a globetrotter by training with a long history in the travel business,  this decision did not even raise an eyebrow with her friends and family.

And that, dear readers, is how this camel was born.

Roaming Camels is operated by two very like minded people. Focused on sharing the beauty of Morocco and its people with anyone who wishes to visit. Primarily concerned with creating experiences worthy of anyone’s Top 5 Most Memorable List. Inherently dedicated to making everyone at ease, comfortable and safe. And to round it all off, both of them are fun, friendly and ridiculously easy to get along with.

Please join us for a tour. It will definitely be worth the time and effort it takes to get here. Yallah!

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