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When’s The Best Time To Visit Morocco?

As expats and Moroccans living and working in Morocco, people ask us all the time, “When is the best time to visit Morocco?” Personally, I think anytime of the year is great to visit. But once you make the decision to move here I’ll be honest you’re kind of biased. But in all seriousness, the best way to answer when’s the best time to visit Morocco is to take into account what of seasonal experiences you want to have.

The beauty of Morocco is its in its varied geography. In the same country, you can experience intense dry heat in the Sahara Desert and also see snow in the High Atlas Mountains. So its super important to decide what kind of sites and and activities you want to do when you plan (or let us plan) your trip to Morocco.

If you want to spend time in the desert, be able to hike or do a camel ride, we suggest anytime between end of September through March. Moroccan summer lasts a really long time here and you won’t want to be on a camel or a sand dune when its 40+ degrees outside. I’ve done it myself and its unbearable.¬†Outside of activities, something else to consider is if you’re someone who is very sensitive to the sun, these would be the best months of the year to visit because its still pretty warm without getting the worst of the sun.

If you’re a winter bunny and want to check out the skiing slopes in Ifrane, we suggest visiting between December through the end of January. While its quite cold in Northern Morocco from end of November to February, there isn’t always heavy snow fall throughout the season.

Are you a surfer or kite surfer? Then from November to March is prime time to visit the Atlantic Coast from Essaouira and going south to Sidi Kaouki, Agadir, and Sidi Ifni.

Did these give you a better idea of when’s the best time for you to visit Morocco? Let us know your thoughts. Also, if you’re looking for a team you can trust to coordinate your trip or tours in Morocco shoot us an email at info@roamingcamelsmorocco.com.

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