What’s The Best Time To Visit Morocco?

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If you have been wondering, “When is the best time to visit Morocco?” we have got answers for you. This post can help you figure out the best time of year for YOU.

When is the Best Time of Year to Visit Morocco?

When people ask us: When is the best time to visit Morocco?, we are always tempted to respond: Anytime! After all, we live here and we love Morocco. But the best answer to this question is that it all depends on your personal needs, and what you would like to do when you get here. The country of Morocco is about the same size as the state of California – and the geography is even more diverse. There are beautiful beaches – along two coastlines that are distinctly different. There are mountains, forests, and the magical Sahara Desert. The varied landscape offers up a dazzling variety of experiences for visitors. Therefore, the best way to figure out what time of year you should visit Morocco is by first deciding what you want to do when you get here.

Want to Escape the Weather at Home For a Moroccan Beach Vacation?

Any time of year you visit Morocco is a great time for a Moroccan beach vacation. The Northern coast of Morocco rests along the Meditteranean, which translates to balmy weather even in the winter. If you prefer the city vibe, spend some time wandering the streets of Tangier. Situated across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain, this ancient city has a modern, cosmopolitan feel that might surprise you. You can still enjoy a stroll on the beach. But you can spend time in the Kasbah, too. And if food is your thing, you’ll find every kind of cuisine in Tangier – including an abundance of fresh seafood. The western edge of Morocco rests along the Atlantic with cooler waters and stronger winds. This area of the country provides a wonderful summer escape, particularly those who enjoy surfing and other forms of water recreation. And cities like Casablanca and Rabat are found on the Atlantic Coast, too.

If You Want to Wander the Streets of Marrakech For Days

The busy city of Marrakech is a popular destination spot for travelers throughout the year. But if you are hoping to spend a lot of time exploring the medina and the Jamaa Lafna Square, you may want to consider the time of year you visit. Marrakech is a desert city, approximately two hours away from the coast. Temperatures in the summer average around 100 degrees Fahrenheit each day. (37 C) If you are accustomed to a hot, dry climate, you will probably feel right at home even in the summer. But if you are heat sensitive, you will probably have a nicer time if you visit Marrakech sometime between October and May. No matter what time of year you visit Marrakech, when you are ready to explore beyond the Medina, we offer some wonderful day trips into the area surrounding Marrakech. Whether you wish to visit the desert or the mountains, we would love to talk with you. And if you’d rather stick close to the Medina and enjoy a food adventure instead, our friend Amanda can take you on a food tour so yummy, you’ll wish it could go on forever.

You’ve Heard Morocco is THE PLACE for Windsurfing and Kitesurfing

If you love to surf – or have always wanted to learn – the Atlantic Coast of Morocco is the place for you. The ocean waves are ideal for surfing, especially from Essaouira all the way down south to Dhakla. And the wonderful Atlantic winds make this the best place for windsurfing and kitesurfing, too. You might think that summer is always the best time to hit the beach, but if you want to catch the best waves, the best time to visit Morocco is sometime between November and March. If you are the type that prefers to watch the excitement from the shore, be sure to bring slacks and a sweater (or jacket). Those ocean breezes can feel even colder when you aren’t expending a lot of energy.

You Want to Hit the Ski Slopes of Morocco

If you have long dreamed of telling people that you went on a ski vacation in Morocco, the best time of year to visit is from December through the end of January. You’ll have an amazing time in the resort town of Ifrane, a lovely Alpine village. You just may have to keep reminding yourself that you’re in Morocco! If you aren’t into skiing, Ifrane is an enchanting place to visit in the summer, as well. Our 4-day round-trip desert tour from Marrakech takes you through Ifrane (and many other places, too!) It is a wonderful way to see a significant portion of Morocco in a short amount of time.

You Want to Ride a Camel to a Sand Dune

If you want to spend time in the desert – whether hiking or taking a camel ride, we suggest sometime between the end of September to the end of March. Moroccan summer is long and hot, and you really won’t enjoy being on the back of a camel or sitting on a blazing hot sand dune when it is 40+ degrees (over 100 F) outside. This is particularly true if you are sensitive to the heat and sun. Here at Roaming Camels, we have some incredible desert tours to choose from, depending on how much time you have and where you would like to go. Whether you take a day trip to the Agafay or spend the night under the stars, we will do our best to make sure you have the time of your life!

You Want to Visit Rural Villages and Hike in the Mountains

The Atlas Mountain ranges of Morocco are diverse and beautiful. Ranging from high plains to high peaks, these lovely mountains are dotted throughout with rural villages. If you are dreaming about spending time in the mountains to hike, rock climb, and spend time with the local Berber people, the best time to visit Morocco is from April to September. We offer day trips from Marrakech into the mountains. Visit the village of Imlil or take in the breathtaking Ouzoud Falls and still have time to shop for souvenirs.

You Want to Avoid the Crowds and/or Save Travel Money

The most popular time of year to visit Morocco is from April to September. That’s when the country fills up with International travelers, creating crowds and pushing prices up all around the country. If you prefer to travel in the off-season, when there are fewer crowds and lower prices, the best time to visit Morocco is from October through March. Temperatures in the Autumn and early spring are still nice and fewer crowds make it a lot easier to get around. So, if you love to travel, but prefer things to be less “people-y”, this is the right time of year for you.

You Want to Attend One of the Many Cool Festivals

There are so many amazing festivals in Morocco each year. From traditional harvest festivals to popular musical celebrations, there are many incredible events to choose from!

February – Almond Blossom Festival in Tafraoute

Held the second week of February, the Almond Blossom Festival one-of-a-kind. The small Berber village of Tafraoute comes alive with traditional dances, delicious food, stories and folklore, and – of course – those beautiful almond blossoms. The beauty of all those almond trees in bloom is truly magical. Attending this enchanting festival is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the culture of Morocco, leaving you with lifetime memories to make you smile.

Springtime – International Nomads Festival

This wonderful annual festival is an outdoor celebration of art and culture in M’hamid El Ghizlane. Right out there in the beautiful Sahara Desert, visitors can attend conferences and workshops on a wide range of topics. In between all that learning, visitors can enjoy painting, weaving, music, dancing, and more. If you’ll be visiting Morocco in the springtime, be sure to check their website for dates to the next big event.

April – Marathon Des Sables in the Sahara Desert

Considered one of the hardest races in the world, the Marathon des Sables is a seven-day race in April in the Sahara Desert. There are six stages to the race, with racers traveling anywhere from 21 to 82 km (13 to 50 miles) per day, for a total of 250 km (155 miles) traveled overall. Racers face many challenges during the race due to the harsh desert environment. This race is not for the faint of heart!

May – Festival of Roses in El Kelaa M’Gouna

The Moroccan Festival of Roses is a celebration of the rose harvest each spring. The beautiful Damask roses grown here are incredibly fragrant, and many oils and perfumes are made from the blossoms. Dates vary from year to year, but this three-day festival usually takes place sometime in the first two weeks of May. Enjoy traditional Berber food, a parade, music, dancing, and the opportunity to buy some wonderful treasures for the folks back home.

June – Mawazine Rhythms of the World Concert in Rabat

Every summer in the city of Rabat, the incredible Mawazine is attended by over 2 million people. The word Mawazine means “rhythms of the world” and it fits this celebration of music from all around the globe. Founded in 2001, the week-long festival features more than 90 acts and has welcomed many huge names from over the years – from Rihanna to Elton John to Usher. June is a great time to visit the Atlantic coast, so be sure to check the event website for dates when planning your trip!

June – Festival of World Sacred Music in Fez

For nine amazing days in June in the city of Fes, the Festival of World Sacred Music fills the city with beautiful songs. This celebration of the sacred encourages communication between the various cultures and religions of the world. Be sure to check the website for dates!

June – Gnaoua World Music Festival in Essaouira

This cultural music festival is a truly amazing experience. For four days in June, people come together to celebrate music, art, and culture. At the heart of it all is the incredible and mystical Gnaoua musicians, who simply must be seen and heard to be believed!

June – Marrakech du Rire – Five Day Comedy Festival in Marrakech

If you love to laugh, you definitely want to consider catching this annual event. Comedians from all around come together in June for five wonderful days of laughter, and nothing brings people together more than laughter. If you will be in Marrakech in early summer, be sure to check the event page for festival dates!

July – Timitar Music Festival in Agadir

This wonderful four-day musical event in July features over 40 artists who come together from around the world. The sounds of rap, hip hop, and jazz are heard, along with traditional Amazigh music and modern sounds. This gathering is popular with locals and tourists alike, and is a musical experience you will not soon forget!

September – Oasis-Fest

A three-day event in September in the desert, Oasis-Fest is a celebration of music and culture. Enjoy amazing food and an assortment of events while relaxing in a lovely Oasis setting. Yoga, cocktails, and a spa are only some of the things available for you at Oasis-Fest.

September – Tanjazz Festival in Tangier

Since the year 2000, the incredible Tanjazz festival has brought some of the most incredible jazz acts from around the globe to the city of Tangier. For one week in September, the city is filled with rhythm, golden voices, and a spirit of community and fellowship. If you love Jazz, you don’t want to miss this!

October – MOGA Electronic Music Festival – Essaouira

In the beautiful coastal city of Essaouira, something amazing happens every October – the MOGA Electronic Music Festival. Featuring both traditional music and electronic artists, this three-day event will have you tapping your feet and smiling with joy. If you love electronic music, be sure to check for festival dates so you don’t miss a thing!

November – Taragalte Festival in the Sahara Desert

The word “taragalte” means “meeting place”, and the taragalte festival is all about providing a meeting place between local people and international visitors. For three days in November, people gather together in a nomadic camp in the Sahara desert for a cultural celebration like no other. Enjoy food, music, and art, as you learn about the lives of the nomadic people who live here. We hope that this article gives you a better idea of when it is the best time to visit Morocco for you and your family. Let us know your thoughts. And if you are looking for a team you can trust to coordinate your trip or tours in Morocco shoot us an email at hello@roamingcamelsmorocco.com
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