Custom Morocco Tours Made Easy 


  • Your safety and enjoyment are our first priorities.
  • We hire guides and drivers that are professional, knowledgeable and focused on customer service.
  • We provide the service. Morocco, this place, provides the magic.
  • We use our extensive tourism skills to create the best trips for your tour group.

When you enjoy a custom Morocco tour with Roaming Camels Morocco we will create a trip plan to suit your needs and interests. Some of our guests enjoy a relaxed pace with some active hiking and exploring mixed in. Some of our guests want to focus on the Moroccan food available around the country, or learn more about the Amazigh culture. Some want to meet artisans and see amazing interior design inspiration. We are here to listen to your needs and make this happen for you.

Mustapha is by far the best guide I have ever had. You can tell he loves what he does. He is very passionate, extremely knowledgeable about northern Africa history, Berber and Arabic culture, religion, politics, deep knowledge of both cities and the countryside. He has traveled abroad so he is able to contrast the Moroccan culture with western cultures to put things in perspective.


American Traveler

Mustapha Khalidi


Mustapha was raised in the southeast of Morocco in the Roses Valley, in the province of Ouarzazate, from an Amazigh (Berber) family. His grandparents were nomads and his parents have passed along the greatest of the Berber culture, traditions and values to their eldest son.

At university Mustapha studied English literature and linguistics. His research was in Amazigh (Berber) culture. After graduating from university he completed a full year of training in guide school in the High Atlas Mountains.

Before starting his own company, Mustapha worked with many large and acclaimed tour companies . He has travelled internationally as well, spending time in the Netherlands, France, Britain, Indonesia, Scotland and Australia. Mustapha is fluent in English, French, Arabic, and Berber.

Kathi Black

Marketing and Communications

Kathi is a Canadian living in Marrakech. After travelling to Morocco on (someone else’s) dream vacation, Kathi instantly fell in love with the culture and gentle Berber people. Finding a Kingdom that employs forward thinking, proactive political and cultural programs, she knew she would be returning. Back in Toronto, she sold her home and made plans to return to Marrakech, which she nows calls home.

Kathi has extensive hospitality experience fostered in the luxury hotel industry, with a keen business sense, a deep interest in culture and politics. She has been travelling since a young age and has spent time in many interesting and far flung places. She is dedicated to ensuring that her travellers have a quality, authentic and comfortable experience. Kathi is also a student of Darija (Moroccan Arabic) as well as Berber!



English Speaking Driver

Jamal joined Roaming Camels Morocco as an English speaking driver after completing an English course in Marrakech. He comes to us from the south of Morocco and takes great pleasure in showing our guests all the rich landscape that his homeland has to offer. Jamal has travelled to the U.K. and he speaks English, Arabic, Darija, and Berber.




Hakim is a proud Berber from the south of Morocco. He has been driving for many years and prides himself on safety and excellent customer service. Hakim’s favorite city is Essaouira. He speaks Arabic, Berber and is a student of English.