50 Awesome Moroccan Quotes About Life and Travel

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There are Moroccan Quotes suitable for just about any life situation you can imagine. These fifty quotes, or Moroccan sayings, offer a nice glimpse of the wisdom of North Africa. The beauty of a good Moroccan Quote is that it is open to interpretation. Half the fun of reading them is to ponder them and discuss them with others. So gather your friends and check out these 50 proverbs from Morocco.

50 Awesome Moroccan Quotes About Life and Travel

Before you even set foot on the plane, you can begin to get to know the Moroccan people by reading some of their wonderful proverbs. Through these wise sayings, you’ll see many of the things that Moroccans hold dear – family, charity, kindness, hospitality, humor, and a willingness to accept the mysteries of life. And if you come across a favorite or two – we’d love to hear about it!

Some Days Are Better Than Others

No arm for work, no face for begging.
One day is sweeter than honey, another day more bitter than colocynth.

Good Life Advice

The eating of worms is better than the food of envious people.
He who makes an opening in the side of his body will not lack people to look at him.
Put the trouble into a net, something will fall and something will remain.
Everything that is begun comes to an end (said especially at the beginning of Ramadān).
O buyer, remember the day when you will sell.
Love truth even if it harms you, and hate lies even if they serve you.
By all means, trust in Allah, but tie your camel first.
Better a patient man than a warrior, one who controls his temper than one who takes a city.
Never say I regret, always say I learned.
He who is victorious should be forgiving.
If I listen, I have the advantage; if I speak, others have it.
The learning of things is better than the ignorance of them.
Reading books removes sorrows from the heart.

An Open Heart is a Willing Heart

Charity does not come out of a prison.
There is no beauty but the beauty of action.

Empathy Comes From Walking in Another’s Shoes

Toil makes understanding.
He who eats in front of hungry one, may God deprive him of livelihood in the world.

Happy Moroccan Blessings!

May God be with you, O stranger.

Be Careful What You Wish For

He who is hunting for evil will meet it.
Marriage without good faith is like a tea-pot without a tray.
If he increases the number of his friends, he will remain without a friend.
Stir the water and the thirsty might show up.
Few desires, happy life.
It is better to be the object of jealousy than of pity.

Moroccan Quotes to Ponder For a While

If a man told you that a dog had run off with your ear, would you go after the dog or search first for your ear?
The fire leaves only ashes, and the rain leaves only roses.
Don’t marry a tall woman, she will embarrass you in regard to clothes and drawers.
What is in the head of the camel is not in the head of the camel-driver.
If the towns-women are hidden from you, look at their children.
Fill his stomach, he will forget his country.
The man is only making water from behind like the making water of a camel.
They began as neighbors and ended as mice.
The ancients did not leave anything for the later people to say.
Spoil the dog, he will lick your moustache.
For the sake of a single rose, the gardener becomes the servant to a thousand thorns.
Little and lasting is better than much and passing.

Being a Good Guest When Traveling

The visitor is under the rule of the visited one.
Sow wheat, don’t sow thorns, all the people will like you and love you.
Wanderer, a trench is a trench, be careful with your walking.
Even the loftiest of mountains begins on the ground.
If you know his father and grandfather you may trust his son.
The words of a guest are like rain in summer.
Do as your friend does, or leave him.
May God bless him who pays a visit and make it short.
If a person’s origin is unknown to you, look at his doing.
In Morocco never be surprised. If you see a donkey flying, just say Allah is capable of anything.
Know how to meet, and know how to part.
Travel, you will know the people.

When you travel to Morocco, you can’t help but get to know the people. And when you’re ready to come visit our sunny North African home, please get in touch with us here at Roaming Camels so we can help you plan your ultimate Moroccan dream tour. Until then, we hope these 50 Moroccan Proverbs help bring us all a little closer in heart!

Table of Contents

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